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Reiki (pronounced “ray-key”) is a Japanese word comprised of two syllables. The first, REI, means universal or spiritual wisdom, and the second, KI, represents the life force energy that animates all living things. Reiki is an ancient system for accessing this essential energy and making it available for assimilation by our bodies. The Chinese identify this energy as “qi”, the Indians call it “prana”, and the Japanese call it “ki”. How healthy we are is determined by how much qi (ki) is flowing through our bodies. This hands on healing practice directs this subtle energy to the source of imbalance within the body and clears away any blockages. Because we are basicallly energetic beings, we experience the results from Reiki on many levels: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Reiki is one of the fastest growing alternative health practices in the world. It is the simplicity of this subtle energy system that draws people to use it. It is extremely easy to learn and a student need only a day or two to gain an understanding of its practice. Reiki treatments are perfect for:

  • accelerated healing of an injury
  • chronic pain
  • emotional trauma
  • balancing and cleansing chakras
  • repairing damage to auric fields

The Reiki Program is taught in three workshops:

Introductory level concentrating on physical healing techniques for yourself as well as others.

Advanced level, learning the symbology and techniques for treating mental/emotional causes as well as distance healing.

Master/Teacher's level developing the ability to attune others to the Reiki energy and certification for teaching a course in Reiki.

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